Odense University Hospital

The research group of Professor Moustapha Kassem is well-known for its research in the fields of biology and the use of mesenchymal stromal cells in clinical trials. The group has also published studies about current topics like: the characterisation of the molecular phenotype of stem cells, quality control of stem cells, differentiation assays for stem cells and clinical trials. The group is also part of the “Odense University Hospital Center for Stem Cell Therapy”. Through this center, the group coordinated the activities of four prior clinical trials in the fields of tissue regeneration with stromal stem cells (e.g. heart, vascular and nerve tissue regeneration).  to the website


Tasks within the project:

  • Development of a clinical trial "First in Human" and first implementation of the developed cell product
  • Validation of the established method for quality determination and its adaptation to GMP requirements

Tasks within the project:

  • Storage management and technical infrastructure of the biobank
  • Development of methods and biomarkers for quality management
  • Development of a process for the cultivation of stem cells for bone formation



Prof. Dr med PhD Moustapha Kassem

J. B. Winsløws Vej 4, 5000 Odense C, Denmark

Email: mkassem@health.sdu.dk